DECEMBER 23, 2017

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We believe in the future of our planet and future generations. WE have the power to change our daily practices, beginning with our festival. You will embrace our pledge to be a ZERO WASTE event. Left over foods will be donated to local farms for composting and feeding of their pigs. YOU & I are creating a movement to be as sustainable as we can be as human beings and caretakers of our planet.


We’re here to strengthen our roots and delve into what it means to be a community — to enrich reconnections, and develop new connections while collectively uplifting causes in need from a local perspective to a global grand view. We will be showcasing our Speaker Panel. Here, one can learn of different ways to bring our communities closer by understanding the needs of those around us.


The goal is to awaken one’s mind to the idea that we live in a society which is sometimes distracted and disconnected. We begin to connect by focusing the mind’s attention on embracing the moments we’re in and bringing awareness to practices that enhance our mental and physical health. Bringing AWARENESS to the Native Hawaiians and all of those who now reside on the islands is how we, as a community, stand TOGETHER.


We are here to cater space for the art of creativity. We will showcase and give a platform to musicians and artists that are passionate about sharing their talents. This includes artists from live musicians, to painters, producers, dancers, a cappella groups, fire spinners, mixed media curators, and other forms of artistic expression. Check out our FULL Lineup for more information.



The Traveling Lotus Project is here to highlight local and international musicians, artists, sustainable practices, and creativity.

We are promoting health and wellness, along with rekindling the flame of what it means to live within community.

Our project showcases the land on which we’re celebrating together and focuses on the regeneration of the land, mind, and body.

TLP provides you with opportunities to heal, connect, unplug, and have fun!



From the first steps you take toward your seat while boarding our sustainable transportation, to the last few steps you take on your way back home, prepare yourself for a sweet surprise. We’ll set the vibration for an environment in which you can choose adventure or relaxation. This event will be a day filled with music, salty waves, yoga poses, and friends.



You Create

When joining the TLP’s culture, you’re accepting our invitation to experience what you know as bliss — but you also have the freedom to to connect to this blissful state in new ways.

There are 40,000 neurons in your heart that provide sensory feedback to our brains. This is often called the “heart-brain.”

The Traveling Lotus Project wants you to lead with your heart. Feel however you feel… but feel… because feeling means you’re ALIVE with the capacity for growth.

Come be alive with us. Come grow with us.

Experience new music, enjoy the nature around you. Come on your own or come with your friends. Fill your belly with delicious foods — and don’t forget to smile!